SunBird Golf Club Adopt-A-Hole program

The SunBird Golf Club Adopt a Hole program is a voluntary program where people spend some time each week filling divot holes on the fairways and on the tee boxes, cleaning up the tee boxes and repairing ball marks on the putting greens all on a hole of their choice. This program has been in effect for several years and a good number of people have participated; however, more volunteers are always welcome. The more volunteers that participate, the less time any one individual has to put in. The program is welcomed by the golf course and contributes to keeping the course in excellent condition. A realistic goal for this program is to get one half hour of volunteer time on each hole each day. This amounts to nine hours of time which is equivalent to one full-time employee – therefore a savings to the club. As mentioned above more volunteers are always welcome and volunteers do not necessarily have to be golfers. If you are not a golfer but live on one of the holes and enjoy the beauty of course you may also want to consider becoming a volunteer. To volunteer or for questions please contact Norm Ott at 989-859-5318 before the end of November or 480-895-2969 after.