SunBird German/American Club

Frank Nechvatal

The October meeting was the club’s celebration of Oktoberfest, which recalls the wedding of King Ludwig I of Bavaria to Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen. The citizens were invited to participate in the wedding celebration which lasted from Oktober 12, 1810 through the Oktober 17 when the wedding was performed. The denizen of Bavaria enjoyed the event so much that they decided to annually repeat the celebration through present time. Discussion occurred as to the plans for the Christmas Meeting.

The club is planning to devote the meeting of November 24 to a presentation on the impact of German immigration on American growth. Additional information will be made available through our callers.

Our history of the rise of the German State continues. Through the High Middle Ages the emperors of the Holy Roman Empire lost their powers, the regional dukes, princes, and bishops. These individuals became known as the Kurfursten (Elector Princes). They, for all intent and purpose, controlled rule of the Empire through the election of rulers. Additionally, these years gave rise to the Protestant Reformation, a rebellion of individuals fighting to break away from the Catholic Church and develop Christian practices of their own. Among the leaders in this rebellion was Martin Luther, who along with others caused the northern States of the Empire to become Protestant, while the southern half remained Catholic. These two parts clashed with one another in the 30 Years War (1618-1648). This war was ruinous to the 20 million civilians and contributed to the end of the Holy Roman Empire. This led to the rise of the Nation-State system with Germany divided into numerous independent states, such as Prussia, Bavaria, Saxony and others. More next month.

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