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"Rock of the Month" Contest winner Doris Porell

“Rock of the Month” Contest winner Doris Porell

Jan Davidson

Well, here it is — April already, and it seems that we just got here! To all who are or who will be on their way back to their other abodes, please have a safe trip home. To all who stay, please stay cool and soldier on. We look forward to seeing everyone again in the fall.

We have a new winner for the February “Rock of the Month” contest. Even though we were certain that we had picked a great hiding spot, the rock was found on the very first day. Congratulations to Doris Porell for some great sleuthing!

Attention Garden Club members: Our final meeting has been moved to Thursday, April 9, so that those who choose to observe Good Friday will be able to do so. With most of our planned events behind us, the board has decided to end this season with a social event on the patio (weather permitting). Hope to see all of you there — same time as usual.

As we look back, we certainly have had a fun and productive time over the last six months. We sure hope that those SunBird residents who attended our two events in March—the Community Appreciation Night presentation by Kelly Mero from AZ Highways magazine as well as our annual Home and Garden Tour — enjoyed themselves. Thank you all for coming out.

As an aside, I would like to make a correction to a previous column regarding the number of years that the Garden Club has presented the Home and Garden Tour. It seems that I made a significant error on the number of Home and Garden Tours that we have had over the years — my apologies to all. Including this year’s tour, the Garden Club has organized and hosted this event for 20 years — quite a significant accomplishment, wouldn’t you say? This would not have been possible if it had not been for all of those homeowners who allowed us to show their lovely and unique homes, for which we are truly grateful. We also need to thank all the Garden Club volunteers over those 20 years who organized the tours, sold the tickets, hosted at the homes, planned the refreshments, and baked those tasty cookies—great job, ladies! PS: We will be looking for homes again for next year. We would ask that if any of our SunBird neighbors would be interested in letting your home be on the tour, to please contact us.

Also, as we look forward to our next session in the fall, we would like to invite any of our residents who are reading this column and think that you might be interested in seeing what the Garden Club has to offer to attend our first meeting that will be held in the clubhouse ballroom at 9 a.m. on Friday, Nov. 13, 2020.

For now, as I head back to Canada, my columns are done for this season. Adios, mi amigos — have a great summer, wherever that will be!