SunBird Community Green

Julie Anderson

On behalf of the SunBird Golf Board and our entire SunBird community, thank you so much to our SunBird residents for your continued generosity. You have probably heard that the golf course irrigation pump unexpectedly broke down in April, and replacement will cost close to $180,000. The Golf Board called an emergency meeting, and members voted in favor of a $600-per-member assessment. A SunBird community fundraising committee of residents (including non-golfers) quickly formed to actively pursue various opportunities to raise funds for immediate and long-term needs, all under the umbrella name of SunBird Community Green. Donations started pouring in, and we want to thank you for your generous support.

As of August 6, over $190,000 has been raised to cover the cost of the new pump and a roof for the pump facility. The new pump has been ordered, is in production, and will be installed by the middle of August. SunBird Community Green will continue its fundraising efforts, with a variety of fun activities planned in the upcoming season. All money raised will go to a reserve fund to be used for capital improvement projects that benefit our entire community, such as dredging the retaining ponds and replacing our aging irrigation system.

Again, thank you for stepping up to the immediate challenge and demonstrating once again how SunBird residents come together to protect, improve, and preserve our shared community golf course.