SunBird Clubhouse Ballroom Makeover

Layne Varney, General Manager

Last year, several areas of the clubhouse had been repainted, new flooring, new décor, new furniture, etc., to keep our facilities updated. This summer, the 7,200-square-foot ballroom has been repainted with the new, updated colors. The wood trim along the stage, bar, and other areas has been re-stained and updated to a darker color. The acoustical tile décor surrounding the ballroom has been updated with vibrant colors, coordinating with the new carpet. The stage curtain fabric swag was also updated with new colored fabric and is still a work in progress waiting for the final delivery of the last of the fabric. The ballroom recessed canned lighting has all been updated to LED lights, giving the new look a bright, clean light and color. Lighting shields were installed around the fluorescent tube lights around each section of the ballroom, reducing the glare and adding more ambient lighting.

We appreciate the many volunteers who helped with the work and decision-making and worked to make this a fresh, clean, and updated ballroom. Much appreciation to Linda DiPalma, Julie Anderson, Bill Ley, Diane Reed, Bill Hook, and, of course, our maintenance crew of John Smith, “Chon” Concepcion, and Joe Anderson for the many hours to accomplish this daunting task. We look forward to the day when we can all get back to using the ballroom for our many activities and events. Thank you!