SunBird Art Club news

Sharon Eade

As the dog days of summer begin its transformation into fall, the pull back to SunBird starts to get strong. Growing up, September always brought a sense of excitement as the upcoming school year would bring us back to friends and activities that we were separated from during our summer vacation. Running barefoot through the sprinkler, staying up late and getting to sleep in, riding our bikes everywhere or lounging in the shade with a good book was such fun. But then September would arrive and the pull of seeing everyone we had missed and knowing the ball games and clubs would be starting again was met with great anticipation.

That is how I feel now as I know that returning to our SunBird lifestyle is fast approaching. Our Art Club has so many plans for this coming year and reuniting with our wonderful members as we spend time together bound by our mutual love of creating art brings such a feeling of happiness. So as we begin returning and our numbers increase each week so does the excitement of a new year together.

We welcome returning members and look forward to meeting and making new friends as we welcome new members as well. See you soon!