SunBird Art Club News

Sharon Eade

For so many of us, October is our favorite month in SunBird! The energy and excitement is powerful as we reunite with friends and are meeting new ones who have found the wonderful lifestyle here.

For those of us in the SunBird Art Club, we look forward to what this new season will bring. This year we are hoping to attend a number of events throughout the Valley, and also to connect with art associations as we learn and grow while creating art in various genres. Some of the field trips we are looking forward to are the Shemer Art Festival held Nov. 4-5 in Scottsdale, the Hidden in the Hills art shows held in personal home studios on the weekends of Nov. 16 to18 and Nov. 23 to 25, and the Ocotillo Art Show on Dec. 9.

Meeting artists and seeing their works is so inspiring and gives us an added time of fun being together as we get “out and about” together. Another hope for this year is to do a plein-air painting outing and, of course, we look forward to our annual Spring Art Show held in the SunBird ballroom.

We meet in the Hopi Room on Thursday mornings from 9 a.m. until noon and bring our own individual projects to work on. We look forward to meeting our residents, whether you just want to come by to see what we are about or would like to join us as a member.