SunBird American/German club news

Frank Nechvatal

The meeting was called to order by Co-President Larry Schoenborn at 6:00 p.m. in the Horizon Room. Membership collected dues from 23 members. Vice-president Barb Valentine began collecting $15 per person for the Oktoberfest Dinner which was held on Monday, October 17. This dinner was for members and their guests. Delores arranged for accordion music by Dale Mathias of the Sun City Accordion Club. Don McMullen presented the format for the club to deliver the SunBird News from November through March.

The club bylaws were read and will be discussed at a later date. Gunther DeFlieze made a presentation on the German Hausbarne in Manning, Iowa, a little town of 1,500 people. He had photos and brochures of the barn and the historic Trinity Church. He and Trish had a great time on their vacation. Co-president Delores Kline passed out German fact sheets and each member read and discussed one.

The meeting schedule for the fourth Tuesday of October was cancelled in lieu of the Oktoberfest Dinner. The November meeting on Tuesday, November 22 will feature a video about the fall of the Berlin wall and the reunification of Germany in November of 1989. See you then.

Auf wiedersehen