SunBird 18 Holers post events

A few ladies play golf away during the over seed; Tammy Bachofner, Mary Murphy and Dee Lee.

A few ladies play golf away during the over seed; Tammy Bachofner, Mary Murphy and Dee Lee.

Tammy Bachofner

Can you believe it? November is here! However, as I write this article, November is still in the distant future and our course is in the over-seed process so if news is lagging a bit, it’s due to early deadlines. Sorry, ladies.

Thank you to Dave for tracking scores and to all the ladies that golfed during the summer months. Hope you all had a great time.

Important reminder: If you are signed up for any of the lunch meetings this season, please speak to Julie ASAP. Even if you cannot give her your menu selections right now, it really does help to make the contact and let her know you are reserving space. Thank you in advance for your help!

Monthly lunch schedule is as follows:

If you are unable to keep your scheduled month, please see Barb Wallace.

November – Thank you to Margaret McCathern, Karen Gilmore and Cindy Vig

December – Sally Klebba, Beth Miller and Irene Herman

January – Jeanne Berte, Nancy Ratermann and Sue Koslofsky

February – Jackie Germann, Connie Lundeen and Becky Sergeant

March – Jan Torkelson, Joan Leeper and Nancy Ott

April – Tammy Bachofner, Jane Sirois and Dee Lee

Again – Thank you to all the ladies who are helping with this. A very special thank you to Barb Wallace for coordinating our lunches and being our main contact.

Other very tentative dates include the 9ers hosting 18ers lunch later in November, our Christmas lunch meeting the first week of December, SunBird Cup in January, Home and Away in February, and, of course, our Championship in March!

We are looking forward to seeing everyone again. Hope you all have great games, but most of all have fun and take time to meet some new people!