SunBird 18 Holers news and scores

Ladies 18ers Shootout

Ladies 18ers Shootout

Karen Gilmore, 1st place winner; Melissa Craig, 2nd place; and Cindy Vig, 3rd place.

Karen Gilmore, 1st place winner; Melissa Craig, 2nd place; and Cindy Vig, 3rd place.

Tammy Bachofner

Can you believe its spring already? It’s currently the end of January as I write and still very crisp in the morning with the sun’s warmth not coming out until afternoon. I hope that by the time this goes to print we are not bundling up for morning golf!

Congratulations to the SunBird Cup winner, Barb Dunbar and to Janet Farrell, 2nd place. Way to go girls! We had a three-way tie for 3rd so I will let you check the board and the website for a list of all the winning players.

We had our Ladies Gross Score Shoot out in January and what a show they put on for us! Kudos to all the ladies who participated as it’s not easy to get up and hit a ball in front of an audience. Congratulations to Karen Gilmore, 1st place winner and Mellissa Craig who came in 2nd.

This month I had the privilege to help Melissa Craig, and Lore Schaefer with our tournament pairings, scoring and all the other paperwork involved. I am not at all ashamed to admit that I had no idea how much work both Melissa and Jo Mottet put into getting everything set up, recorded, parings created, pay outs figured and all the procedures involved. Notice I did not say that they minded doing all that; I actually believe they enjoy it and I am having fun learning the process.

In one of my past lives I ran tournaments and did event planning, so I know a bit about the processes but I never knew the details of it when you are responsible for all the parings, the handicap postings, etc., while working side by side with other golfers and golf groups that share the course, as well as the Pro Shop so everything can flow as well as possible. Do you realize that Jo and Melissa are already working with the Pro Shop, the Lady Niners, the HOA office, the restaurant and more as they put together our 2017 season? Amazing isn’t it?

So here is a special shout out to Melissa Craig and Jo Mottet and their assistants. Thank you for all you do, all the work, the dedication and the time you take out of your own life so that we, the SunBird lady golfers, can enjoy our time on the course. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Of course, it takes more than just Melissa and Jo to keep us going, so maybe next month I will highlight another task, people or persons who put in just as much so we can have fun. And of course thank you, the players, for coming out and playing each week! Without you, our members, there would be nothing to do.

Upcoming March Events:

March 1 – Monthly lunch meeting

March 4 – Couples Net Shoot-out at 2:00 p.m.

March 8 – First week of the Club Championship

March 15 – Second week of the Club Championship

Until next month – Hit ‘em long and straight, but most of all have fun!