Sun Lakes Community Choir ‘Requiem’ Concert April 2

Yvonne Orlich

The Sun Lakes Community Choir is only weeks away from their presentation of the Gabriel Faure Requiem Concert. We are on schedule for Sunday, April 2, at 4 p.m. at Sun Lakes United Methodist Church.

Our numbers have grown in preparation for this special concert. Members of Sun Lakes United Methodist Church and members of other local church choirs, along with those who just love to sing, have come forward and joined us at our rehearsals on Wednesday afternoons.

The anticipation is rising amongst the singers and our director Cris Evans. As we continue to rehearse not only the Requiem but a few other numbers, we grow more excited. Each week brings a new sense of anticipation as we iron out some of the kinks. Some of the participants have sung the Requiem in the past and some of us have never done it, and we are thrilled that we are starting to feel more comfortable with the music, and we breathe a collective sigh of relief as we master the complexities of each piece.

We will soon have a practice with the orchestra, which will be a thrill for all of us. The beauty and dynamics they will bring to the numbers is difficult to put into words. This concert promises to be like no other presented in Sun Lakes.

We hope you can attend. Remember, there is no ticket fee, but goodwill donations are much appreciated. Please come and enjoy the fruits of our hard labor—all for your pleasure. It will be a cultural experience you will not soon forget.

The concert will be on Sunday, April 2, at Sun Lakes United Methodist Church at 4 p.m.