Left to right: Dan Morson, Carlin Knight, Jeanette Cline, Yvonne Orlich, Donna Nelson, Kay Tymm, Murray Rose

Yvonne Orlich

Summertime is here, and the Sun Lakes Chorale is taking a much-needed but reluctant break from rehearsing.

Reluctant? Yes, while the singers love rehearsing for our two concerts, we will miss that weekly slot devoted to the chorale. We held our concert on March 16, and upon its conclusion, we all heaved a sigh of relief. The pre-concert butterflies in our stomachs settled down, and many of the members gathered afterwards at a local establishment to unwind and to do the other thing we do well—socialize. The socializing skill needs no instruction or practice—just ask our director or music coordinator. It is the last time we will be together as a group for a few months, so we go out in style. It is our reward to ourselves and our significant others and/or spouses for a successful concert.

But there is one more gathering for a select few. A last hurrah before summer break—the first official board meeting. To make it even better, we held the meeting at Stone & Barrel in Oakwood. We did some necessary housekeeping, covered both old and new business, and made plans to carry us through the summer until the next monthly board meeting. Our summer break will end in early September, and monthly meetings will start up again. Thank you to the previous board, and best of luck to the new 2023-24 Chorale Board.

Everyone, have a great summer. Be careful and stay healthy.