Summer pickleball on hiatus

The summer pickleball season for the SunBird full-timers is on hiatus while the court construction is underway. The construction is tentatively scheduled to be completed by Sept. 30, but many factors play into the end date, such as weather and technical issues. The courts are expected to be too dusty and noisy to play on during construction. An updated schedule will be published in the SunBird email blasts, so stay tuned for more information.

The Sunbird Pickleball Club has been given several options for places to play, so contact Dan and Marianna at 480-285-4501 for details.

Remember that the summers in Arizona are very hot, and you will become dehydrated easily. There are many options for electrolyte/potassium/magnesium-enhanced beverages, such as Powerade Zero, Nuun, Body Armor and leg cramp pills. If you are playing ball in the morning, hydrate well the night before.

Also, be sure to save the date for the 2020 Alzheimer’s tournament that will be held on Feb. 15 and 16. Additionally, look for information on the Tennis/Pickleball Clubs Fall Kickoff Play and Potluck.

If you want to learn to play pickleball, contact Dan and Marianna at 480-285-4501. See you on the courts!