State Parties

Dakotas Party March 9

Steve Perkins

Save the date! Get it on your calendar! Spread the word! Shout it out!

The North Dakota/South Dakota Party will be held Thursday, March 9, at the Cottonwood San Tan Ballroom. That’s right, it will be indoors this year, so no excuses about the weather being cold. Refreshments will start around 4 p.m., and dinner buffet starts about 5:30 p.m. with a short program to follow.

Anybody with connections to the Dakotas is invited, including residents of SunBird. Invites are only by email. If you are new to our area and not on past lists (or you have a new email address), send us your details to [email protected]. (ALL CAPS, no caps, sOMe cApS—makes no difference. We will get it. That’s the way email works—caps don’t make a difference!)

We look forward to seeing you. It will be great fun, so don’t miss it! Again, get it on your calendar now (waiting means you might forget). More details and registration form will follow by email. If you literally don’t have email, please call/text Marianne Perkins at 507-227-2099, or Steve Perkins at 507-920-3532.