Starting Mixed Media Classes

Some of Jean Anderson’s Friday class showing off their autumn Aspen watercolors
done with splatter and a credit card

Jean Anderson

When you read this, it will be March, and we will be wondering where the time went. Weren’t we just signing Christmas carols?

In response to requests, I will now start teaching afternoon mixed media classes in the month of March. These are for people who would like to come in and spend an afternoon painting without committing to a season of painting. Of course, those folks who want to take every class are welcome to do that.

There will be Thursday afternoon classes in Oakwood and if there is enough interest, other classes in SunBird.

Please check under classes for examples of what we will be doing. There will be acrylic, Zentangle, and watercolor doodling classes. The doodling classes are for those folks who just want to play with watercolor, not learn all the ins and outs of watercolor painting. These are just fun classes for people to be able to learn a little and dabble in different mediums.

Please call Jean Anderson at 503-649-9097 if you have any questions. As always, my watercolor classes are going strong at SunBird and Oakwood.