Spotlight on Advertiser: The Dreaded Termite!

Catherine Schaeffer, DanSco Realty Group

Real estate agents have a saying: “You either have termites or you’ll have termites.” Originally, I’m from the East Coast, and we had swarming termites! They flew! You always knew when your neighbor was being treated, because they fumigated the house and covered the entire dwelling with a red and yellow striped tent (think circus tent!).

In Arizona we have termites as well. And according to a Northern Arizona University report titled “Arizona Termites of Economic Importance,” there are several different types of termites in Maricopa County, and all have the propensity to cause damage. Frequently, signs of termites go unnoticed until damage has already occurred. (If you would like a copy of the report, just reach out and I will be happy to provide it.)

So, how can a homeowner tell if their home is infested with termites? The homeowner should inspect their home at least once or twice a year for signs of termite activity. These signs include mud tubes on walls (particularly in storage areas like garage stem walls), holes in wood that have appeared since the last inspection, soft or spongy wood, pellets or sawdust that keeps coming back, piles of wings near light sources, and swarming insects. If there is any indication of infestation, the homeowner should consider requesting a professional inspection. (If you need a referral, just ask. I have several companies I trust and recommend.)

The management of termites consists of prevention and treatment. As a homeowner, there are several options to prevent termites from getting into your home:

• Ensure that there is adequate drainage away from the house and that no water stands or pools against the house.

• Avoid stucco below grade.

• Avoid earth-to-wood contact.

• Remove all old and dead landscaping material.

• Fix leaks immediately.

• Do not pile or store firewood against the house.

In closing, if you see evidence of termites, act sooner than later. Left untreated, termites can cause significant damage to your property. If you need a referral, do not hesitate to reach out.

For more information, feel free to reach out to Catherine Schaeffer at DanSco Real Estate Group at 480-650-3444 or [email protected].