Spotlight on Advertiser: Amateur Marketing Can Be a Huge Turnoff!

Catherine Schaeffer, DanSco Realty Group

Virtually all prospective buyers begin their home searches on the Internet. The good news is that listings can now reach a far larger audience than they did in the days when buyers learned about homes for sale from lawn signs, newspaper ads, and by talking to agents. The unfortunate news is that people have short attention spans when it comes to online content. Potential buyers spend an average of 7 to 10 seconds perusing a listing, and when they see something they do not like, they swipe and move on to the next property. Here are the things that turn off online viewers. Avoid them, and you will bring more prospects into the buying process.

Amateur Photos: Listing photos taken by people who do not make a living at it or agents without the necessary lighting equipment and editing equipment may save time and money but will cost in diminished buyer interest. Amateur photographers produce work that can be out of focus, poorly lit, and have unfortunate details, such as toilet seats up or awkwardly arranged furniture. Since bad photos are the number one reason buyers swipe out of listings, hiring a professional real estate agent who uses a professional photographer is a wise choice.

Outdated Marketing Resources: Using the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is just one avenue to marketing a home for sale. Today, many buyers start their search online utilizing other resources. Being a tech-savvy agent is important when trying to reach the maximum number of buyers. While you, as the seller, may not be tech savvy, buyers today are. That is why using QR codes, single-property websites, and digital postcards are so important. These are just a few marketing resources DanSco Real Estate Group uses when marketing properties to potential buyers.

Selling a House Rather Than a Lifestyle: SunBird offers an incredible lifestyle for those looking for activities, clubs, recreation, and community! We are constantly marketing the beautiful facilities and amenities SunBird has to offer to residents.

At DanSco, we are constantly marketing the community as well as the house. Buyers buy a dream and lifestyle, not just the walls around their belongings.

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