Spotlight on Advertiser: Connie’s Jewelry

Stop in at Connie’s and check out her new jewelry lines!

Stop in at Connie’s and check out her new jewelry lines!

Connie’s celebrates life’s special moments with her new jewelry lines, Gregorio, Galatea, Persona and Melody in Motion Clocks. Connie’s strives to offer her customers that special item that helps celebrate life’s moments that will live on for years to come in hearts and minds. Connie’s continues to work hard to offer that item that sets her jewelry gallery apart from all the rest.

Connie’s has teamed up with one of Hollywood’s best designers. Introducing her latest line, Gregorio. Gregorio is one of the premier jewelry lines in Hollywood that creates the most exquisite attention to detail that has been their trademark for decades. Styles are unique and inspired by today’s trends with a passion for design. Designs can be contemporary to classic. Connie’s infuses the best of both worlds and introduces you to a new keepsake for generations to come with Gregorio.

Another line that sets Connie’s apart is her Moment line by Galatea. With the Galatea line you can place that special message, image or video inside the jewelry piece. With new technology (N.F.C.) which is inside the diamond, pearl or gemstone, you simply tap your phone to the jewelry and your special moment is transferred into the piece forever. Connie says this has been a favorite for recording messages and images for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and last moments of life. A person can live in the jewelry pearl, gemstone or diamond forever. Holding the voice, image or memories of a loved one or special celebration. From the words I love you, and encouragements, to wedding vows and Biblical passages, the emotional connection can be truly endless.

Connie’s continues with her unique gift ideas this season.

With Persona, a different kind of charm line, Connie says Persona fits all the other charm lines and is inter-changeable with Pandora, Carmela and a host of others. Connie brought the Persona line into her store because the charms are a higher quality, much more colorful than others and range in price 10 to 30 percent less. Also, she can offer her customers one of her favorite childhood cartoons in this line, the Peanuts with Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy and the rest of the gang. The new movie Peanuts was just released as a 50 year anniversary to the first Charlie Brown Christmas Special. As the holiday season is upon us, it’s very exciting to offer all my favorite Peanuts dressed up in holiday cheer this season.

This season Connie wants to take this moment to thank all her customers for their patronage. It is truly you, her customer, that lets her continue to grow and pushes her to seek out and find the best and most unique brands at the best values. Wishing you and your family a happy and safe holiday season.

Connie’s is located at 1900 W. Germann Rd., Chandler AZ 85286; phone 480-883-3320;