Spotlight On Advertiser: Why you should attend Dr. Harold Wong’s seminars

This snowbird season, during February and March 2016, Dr. Wong is doing a series of lectures, one each month at Sun Lakes Country Club and IronOaks Country Club. The schedule at Sun Lakes Country Club is Thursday, February 18, “Common Sense Financial Strategies” and Wednesday, March 16 “Secure Your Financial Future: Lessons from Warren Buffett.” The schedule at IronOaks Country Club is: Friday, February 12 “Secrets of Roth and Multi-Generational IRAs” and Tuesday, March 8 “Secrets of the Rockefeller Trust.” All seminar times are 10:00 a.m.-noon, followed by lunch from noon-1:00 p.m. Please RSVP at 800-955-1408. Dr. Wong gives 60-80 free seminars each year as part of his educational outreach program.

Who is Dr. Wong?

He has a Ph.D. in Economics from UC Berkeley. He has educated thousands of CPAs, Attorneys, and Realtors. His research has been published in Forbes, USA Today, The Arizona Republic and over 100 other periodicals.

For seven years, he was the only one writing the column on money for The AZ Republic community section. To read his research, go to

How is Dr. Wong different from financial advisors, stockbrokers, and insurance salespeople?

He has researched the field of money for over 40 years. His publications, seminars, and consultations are based on detailed research. He is a financial educator and not a salesman. When you become a client, it’s normal that you would meet him for at least three separate times before making a major change in your asset allocation or investments. He is not tied only to Wall Street investments. He operates with a fiduciary standard, meaning that he has to think of what’s best for you before making any recommendations, regardless of any compensation issues to him. A fiduciary standard is much higher than the typical “suitability” standard required of most stockbrokers and insurance salespeople. He believes in holistic, unbiased, and comprehensive advice that looks at all relevant aspects that are important. These include your risk tolerance, family situation, desire for steady retirement income and bucket list dreams.

His goal is to reduce your risk of losing part of your life savings in the next stock market crash and maximize your retirement income and tax savings.

Contact Dr. Wong at 480-706-0177 or [email protected].