A special invitation to all residents

Evelyn Shea

This is an invitation to all residents of Sun Lakes and SunBird including all art classes, art clubs and the public. The Cottonwood Clay Sculpture Class has scheduled a very special guest, local fine art photographer Deborah Silvis, on Wednesday, November 13 at 10:30 a.m. in the Cottonwood Ceramic Room 8, which is near the Cottonwood Pool and the Cottonwood/Palo Verde Golf Pro Shop.

Deborah’s slide show presentation will include creative and inspirational images from the House on Fire, in Swaziland, South Africa. This cultural fusion of Afro-Shakespearean amphitheatre, outdoor grounds and gallery, showcases ceramic art tiles, sculptures and wood carvings depicting the living art concept. By contrast, the images from the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam/Netherlands will include architectural designs of this 19th century building, the outdoor sculptures and gardens, as well as gallery works by Dutch artists of the Golden Age.

For over 35 years, Deborah Silvis has traveled to various regions of the Southwest and globally to photograph indigenous cultures within their natural environments. The purpose of this cross-cultural documentation over time is to capture windows of a changing world.

Combining an educational background in sociology, anthropology, international relations and art therapy with her traditional photographic techniques, Deborah recently transitioned to the digital age in 2013.

Deborah’s work has been exhibited throughout Arizona since the early ‘80s and publications include various magazines such as Native Peoples. She is currently working on a photography book from her most recent journey around South Africa, which will include personal accounts from her journal.

As time passes, we must continue to reference the past and examine what we are doing to this earth in the present. We are all of one world and must preserve the planet.

Admission is free to this wonderful opportunity!

For additional information and direction please phone 480-9260-1240.