Some ladies golfing (SLG) as we say in the off season

Beth Miller and Trish Carol

Beth Miller and Trish Carol

As I write this article we are all getting ready for the Fourth of July! I have just returned to SunBird for a very short stay (one week) and then I am off traveling again. That seems to be the main theme this time of year – travel. I know many of you ladies have gone home for the summer months, or have taken a little vacation from SunBird yourself. With that bit of information, I am sure you understand why this article is pretty short.

From what I can tell, we have about eight to 10 ladies that are still playing golf on Tuesdays. You go girls! I happened to catch a couple of them having lunch after golf the day following my return to SunBird. Trish Carol, Beth Miller and Gail Holland looked like they had a fun morning on the course. Other regular lady golfers include Pat Arnold, Dee Lee, Barb Wallace, Marilyn Klooster, Betty Watkins and Becky Sargeant. I am sure I may have missed one or two of you as I have been gone and just took names from the last two sign-up sheets, so I apologize in advance if I missed listing your name. I hope you are all having fun on the course and building stronger friendships.

There were several regular golfers, including myself and Tammy Bachofner, decorating the Horizon Room for Fourth of July. Needless to say, they missed golf that Tuesday morning. Margaret McCathern, Jane Sirois, Dee Lee and Linda Dipalma were all included in that group. Thanks for giving up golf for the day and helping out!

No matter where you are or what you are doing, I hope you are all having fun and getting a little golf in.

We do not officially start our new season of SunBird Ladies Golf Club until November, but next month I will remind those who signed up for the club luncheons as well as what month they volunteered for. I will try to get a reminder in the paper each month and mention other important dates also.

Hit ‘em straight and far ladies – most of all have fun!