Sign-up for the SunBird CRAB Golf Tournament

Norm Ott

The SunBird CRAB Tournament, also known as the Team Championship Tournament, will be held on Saturday, November 19. This tournament is a competition between the Canadian Club, the Roadrunners Club, the Americans and the Bandits Club. The goal is to have 30 foursomes with a player from each club in each foursome. Points are awarded to the players in each foursome based on their net scores. The team at the end of the tournament with the most points is declared the champion. If you have not yet signed up to play, please see your representative, indicated below, early the week of November 14.

This tournament is a fund raiser for the golf course. Again this year, there will be a pre-tournament auction held on the patio on Friday, November 18. Joel Sybesma, SunBird’s resident auctioneer, will lead the auction. For this auction to be a success for the golf course, as many donations as possible are needed. The donations are solicited from the participating clubs and from all members of the SunBird community who, by the way, are welcome to attend the event. Donations can be in the form of good used or new golf equipment, goodie baskets, certificates from local businesses, monetary or anything else that may be useful to someone. For questions regarding donations, please contact one of the team reps listed below.

Canadians – Wes Akerman and Dean Huyghebaert; Road Runners – Bill Johnson and Norm Ott; Americans – Jack Cooper and Bandits – Dean Tucker.