Shufflers in SunBird enjoyed busy season

Marty Eckstein

The mid-February Doubles Tournament found Tony Asmundson and Linda Hackett taking first place, while Harvey Simmons and Marty Eckstein were second and Delphi Godsil and Gary Clarke were third. Congratulations to all players for making this a fun and successful event. Thanks go to Jerry Lagosz, Bill Hackett and Paul Klancher for organizing and running the tournament. Our tournament lunch was a big hit with Pat Simmons, Jean Logosz, Kathy Bartlett and Pat Seabert handling this task.

Our annual potluck was held on March 7 with many people attending. This event was hosted by Anita and Dennis Rittenback. We all appreciate the time and effort this couple puts into making the potluck a success.

We are nearing the end of another eventful season. I hope everyone has a safe and happy summer.