Shuffleboard for Fun

Marty Eckstein

Residents interested in playing and learning shuffleboard may check our glass enclosed bulletin board, located in the breezeway by the post office, for days and times of play.

What is that “stuff” applied on shuffleboards prior to play? That “stuff” is a dressing (also referred to as wax), consisting of styrene beads and cornmeal. The styrene beads act as wheels, or rollers, under the discs. The cornmeal serves as spacers to give the beads room to rotate and also keeps the beads from rolling off the board into non-playing areas, such as the gutter and where the players stand while attempting to shoot. Applying too much dressing will cause a plowing effect on the discs. Plowing is when excess dressing bunches up in front of a disc, which can slow down and affect the path of the disc. Application of dressing should not be attempted on rainy or windy days. The end result will be that the dressing is washed or blown off the playing area. It is a waste of dressing to apply too much or applying on rainy and windy days.