Seeking, Learning, and Finding: Embracing the Profound Power of Faith

Rev. Derrick Elliott, Pastor, Sun Lakes United Church of Christ

In a world filled with uncertainties, the timeless words of Matthew 7:7 resonate, inviting us to embark on a journey of seeking, learning, and finding. As we navigate the challenges and opportunities of the modern era, these words remain relevant and impactful, offering solace and guidance for our souls.

During my college years, I embarked on a personal journey, and I now realize how that journey deeply resonated with me, leading me to discover profound meaning through music, faith, and personal growth. As a final exam for a music class, I made a heartfelt decision to learn the cherished hymn “Standing in the Need of Prayer” on the piano. I devoted countless hours to practice, immersing myself in the melodies, harmonies, and heartfelt lyrics. Each note became a prayerful plea, symbolizing my quest for a deeper connection with God. Through the transformative power of music, I yearned to express my longing and vulnerability before the divine.

As I delved into the intricacies of the hymn, I realized that my journey with the piano mirrored my spiritual awakening. Each chord I struck and every lyric I played became a testament to my unwavering commitment to seek God’s presence, acknowledge my vulnerabilities, and embrace the significance of prayer in my life.

In Matthew 7:7, Jesus addressed a crowd, delivering a series of teachings known as the Sermon on the Mount. This verse emphasizes the importance of approaching God with a humble and persistent heart, encouraging his listeners to ask, seek, and knock.

Reflecting on the hymn, the message of Matthew 7:7, and their timeless relevance in today’s world, I found that “standing in need of prayer” highlights our recognition of requiring God’s intervention, wisdom, and provision in our lives. In our fast-paced, interconnected lives, it is essential to rediscover the power of seeking God. Today, we can approach this sacred text and hymn by embracing a mindset of persistence, curiosity, and a genuine hunger for spiritual growth.

Indeed, Matthew 7:7 calls us to seek with open hearts, ask with genuine curiosity, and persistently knock on the door of understanding with unwavering faith. It encourages us to recognize that our search for answers and a connection with the Divine is an ongoing journey—one that demands dedication, time, and sincere intention.

The hymn “Standing in the Need of Prayer” beautifully echoes the sentiment of Matthew 7:7, inviting us to stand humbly before God, acknowledge our vulnerabilities, and recognize our need for God’s guidance, comfort, and love. Through prayer, we nurture a profound relationship with the Divine, finding solace in the awareness that we are never alone in our struggles and joys.

In this spirit of seeking, growth, and connection, Sun Lakes United Church of Christ extends a warm invitation to all seekers, dreamers, and individuals longing for spiritual enlightenment.

As we navigate the complexities of life, let us remember the profound lesson found in Matthew 7:7. Let us approach this sacred text with the same dedication, vigor, and unwavering faith that I exhibited while learning my final exam hymn. May we continually seek, learn, and find, knowing that in pursuing God, we uncover the transformative power of His presence and the boundless love that awaits.

Embrace the call to seek, learn, and find, and let your heart be filled with the profound blessings that await those who answer. Join us at Sun Lakes United Church of Christ as we embark on this incredible faith journey together. Once again, I warmly invite you to join us at Sun Lakes United Church of Christ.

Together, let us continue to seek, learn, and find as we uncover the profound blessings and abundant grace that await us on this extraordinary journey of faith. And discover where your spiritual aspirations can flourish, and your soul can find solace.