SBGC President’s Report

Dave White, President, SunBird Golf Club

We are now into our third month of play since we opened after overseed. The bare spots in the fairways are starting to improve but need more care. We have had fungus invade some of the greens, and we are actively spraying for it.

SunBird Golf Resort has been experiencing a huge gopher problem this year, and the turf crew is trying to keep ahead of them—many have been exterminated. Good news!

Most of the geese are gone, thanks to Dave Eddington and his dogs, who you may have seen on the course in the early morning or late evening chasing them off.

The practice area behind the driving range is in the best condition it has been in years. To keep our playing surfaces in good condition, keep filling divots with the sand and seed that is provided (fairways and tees only), fix ball marks on greens, and maintain a 20-foot distance with your cart from all greens and green banks.

Thank you to our SunBird Golf Club members and resident golfers in our community.