SBGC President’s Report

Dave White, President, SunBird Golf Club

Welcome back to our 238 golf club members. The overseed was great, with a little hiccup. We lost about 10% of the seed due to the 1.2 inches of rain we had about a week after the seed went down. The crew went out and hand raked most of the seed back. Since that time, we are actively seeding and mulching the bare spots in the fairways. Our goal is to not have any bare spots in the fairways and on the tees. The greens are being mowed with walk-behind mowers, and I believe that by the time you read this, the greens will be in the best condition we have seen in a while. To keep our playing surfaces in good condition, keep filling divots with the sand and seed that is provided (fairways and tees only), fix ball marks on greens, and be very careful where you drive your golf cart.