Rotarian of the Year

Norm Noble

The Sun Lakes Rotary Club selected Charles Loew of Sun Lakes as its Rotarian of the Year. This is the second year in a row that Charles has received this honor. So when his name was announced as Rotarian of the Year, this time for 2015-2016, there were no surprises among the members. It was a recognition well deserved.

Charles joined the club in October 2012 and has served as Membership Chair since 2013. President Bill McCoach said, “Charles’ leadership, planning and tenacity have virtually guaranteed the growth of our club. To prove this point, at the beginning of the year, our club had 78 members. Today, it has 97 with a few more about to join. Virtually all of this occurred because of Charles’ strong leadership,” he said. There was no question; there was no debate. Charles Loew was the clear choice for Rotarian of the Year once again.

Charles is a graduate of Union College with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, followed by an MBA in Management Science from Stevens Institute of Technology. He and his wife Genevieve reside in Cottonwood and are parents of two boys who long since flew the coop.