Roadrunners Social Group

Sue Prudencio, Publicity Assistant

SunBird Roadrunners Social Group meets every Wednesday for happy hour in the Horizon Room, so if you were wondering who those people are, it is the SunBird Roadrunners Social Group. On the first Wednesday of the month, happy hour is followed by a meeting in the Lakeview Room. There is also a monthly dinner in the Horizon Room provided for members. The Roadrunners Club is inviting new members to join. Please contact George Richardson, membership chairman, at 480-273-2060.

A Poker Run was held in February. Participants started the run in the Horizon Room, then were on their way to the homes of John and Leslie McMasters, Kelly and Kay Davis, Jack and Sandy Barber, and Hank and Sharon Danelski. Participants were provided with refreshments and given a playing card at each stop. At the end of the run, the best 5-Card Poker hand wins. Prizes were given to the three top winners: Hughene Schaffer, Jack Barber, and Stevie Simone. A great time was had by all. Congratulations to the winners.

Roadrunners are planning more fun events, including a Senior Prom, Garage Sale, Golf Cart Wash, and Bake Sale. Dates and times to be determined. Please consider becoming a member to enjoy the great group of people and fun events.