Rental property considerations


SunBird renters choose SunBird because they are excited to be part of a fun, friendly community with many social and recreational activities. Many current SunBird owners began as renters checking out the community before deciding to purchase a home in SunBird. Over the past year or so, several SunBird residents have expressed concerns to the Board of Directors at almost every meeting about short-term and some rental properties in SunBird. To address these concerns, the Board has studied this matter and will be sharing thoughts and ideas with the membership through the SunBird News, email blasts and website. Last month’s newspaper article provided information regarding properties in SunBird renting out for less than a 30-day period of time and the effect it can have on the neighbors and community. Another concern with rental properties within SunBird is that there is no limit to the number of homes in SunBird that can become rental property. This past year, the administration kept record of the number of rental homes in SunBird that reported to the office (long and short term). At the peak season, the number of reported rental homes in SunBird was 230, or just over 14%. The number of rental properties in SunBird appears to be increasing. Some challenges other communities are now facing is that they have larger numbers of rental properties that have changed the dynamics of the community to more of a rental-type vacation area. One idea of consideration to prevent this type of potential challenge is to limit the number of rental properties. For example, if the number of rental homes was limited to no more than 20% of the total number of homes, or 327, this could help eliminate the concern of changing the original intent of the SunBird community. In order to adopt restrictions for rental property, a majority vote of the entire SunBird membership would need to occur by mail ballot. At our September and October meetings this fall, the Board would like to finalize the wording for proposed amendment to the CC&R’s. The next step would be to send a ballot to the membership in December for voting on these proposals.