Reigning Ladies

Margie Leach

Sandy Crane

Diane Robinson

Julie Anderson

The Lady 18ers golf season kicks off Tuesday, Nov. 2, with golf and lunch. We welcome new members to the group—stop by the Pro Shop, and they will help get you set up! The new executive board for the 2021-22 season were asked some questions so we could get to know them better. Their responses are as follows:

Margie Leach, President

I was born and raised in Seattle and thought I’d never move. Then along comes Patrick (he hates rain), and we get married. We met Gary and Deanna Metzger, who couldn’t say enough good things about SunBird. That was 24 years ago, and we are very thankful to be a part of the SunBird community. I love walking our course, especially on a sunny winter morning. The walkability is my favorite part of the course. The nicest course I’ve ever golfed is Hualalai on the Big Island. The course winds through lava rocks and has gorgeous views of the ocean. My ideal foursome would be Dean Tucker, Dean Huyghebaert, and Don Hunt. (Sorry, Patrick). They’re good golfers, fun guys, and they make me laugh. What a great way to spend time on our golf course!

Sandy Crane, Vice President

I am a native Coloradoan, living in Arvada just northwest of Denver. I found SunBird through a friend, and I moved here in 2017, splitting my time between Arvada and SunBird. I like hole 7. It is my nemesis and my savior. I love it and hate it. I have played Hilton Head but must say my favorite is Eagle Vail golf course in Avon Colorado. It has a spectacular 3 par over the Eagle River. I would love to play with Nancy Lopez, Annika Sorenson, and Laura Davies. I am nowhere near their caliber, but it would be fun to be up close and watch them play their games.

Diane Robinson, Secretary

I am from a small town called Gull Lake, Saskatchewan, in Canada. We bought our place in SunBird in 2012 after receiving a complimentary round of golf at the Mesa Market. My favorite part of the golf course is hole 13, as it has a beautiful view of palm trees, water, and mountains, and we happen to live right there! SunBird is the most beautiful course I have golfed on, because it is a lovely community for our winter retreat and a piece of paradise!

If I had to choose a foursome to play with, it would be Brooke Henderson, Jordan Spieth, and Phil Mickelson.

Julie Anderson, Treasurer

After moving a lot growing up, I feel as if I am from the Midwest, because that’s where I graduated from high school and University. My parents Bev and George Spencer lived in SunBird and loved it! We watched them enjoy all things SunBird, so when it was our turn to retire, we chose SunBird, too. Unfortunately, they both died before we moved here four years ago. I’m not a serious player. I just want to meet people and have fun. My most memorable round was watching Lisa Onyx get a hole-in-one on hole 3! Nicest course I’ve ever played … SunBird, of course! Or maybe Moraga Country Club in San Francisco. Or Bowling Green Country Club in Kentucky. My ideal foursome would be with my mom and dad and Jim (my husband). We used to play golf together occasionally, but I was mostly swing and miss at that point. I would love to play our SunBird course with them now. They were excellent golfers. I love thinking about them as I play golf here at SunBird.