Recording kiosk opens at Ed Robson Branch Library

Sherry Jackson,  Corporate Communications, RCI

A new kiosk from the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office has opened at the Ed Robson Branch Library in Sun Lakes.

The digital recording kiosk brings the Recorder’s office to Sun Lakes and allows for the convenient recording of documents without having to go into the downtown or Mesa offices.

“We figured out what zip codes were using our kiosks in the East Valley the most. It turns out that a large amount of the users were coming from Sun Lakes,” said Karen Loschiavo, Communications Manager, Maricopa County Recorder’s Office. “So our Director of Recording reached out to the County Library and worked out an agreement to place a kiosk there. The County Library staff was very easy to work with and was instrumental in the placement of the kiosk.”

Customers can record their documents with assistance from a document recording specialist at the Recorder’s office through a webcam. Filing the documents is as secure as going into an office. The kiosk offers the ability to record and file documents with county services, including Air Quality, Environmental Services and Planning and Development.

This is the 11th kiosk location across the valley. Maricopa County is the first county in the nation to use recording kiosks.

The kiosk is open Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

Some of the types of documents that can be recorded through the new Maricopa County Recorder’s Office kiosk at the Ed Robson Branch Library:

Recorder’s Office

* Deeds and deed-related documents

* Death Certificates

* Medical Liens and Releases

Air Quality

* Air Permit Cancellation Request

* Contact Update Form

* Subcontractor Change Request Form

* Dust Control Plan Change

* Dust Permit Cancellation Request

* Acreage Increase Permit

Department: Environmental Services

* Permit Application

* Special Events Application

* Catering at Special Event

* Seasonal Event Application

Department: Planning and Development

* Contact Supplemental Information Form

* Commercial Purpose Public Records Request

* Non-Commercial Purpose Public Records Request

* Permit Action Form

* Permit Research Form

* Public Utility Easement Waiver

* Zoning Verification Form