The “Rattlesnakes” are active

Gary Hall

No need to panic! This particular variety of snake carries golf clubs and is completely harmless except for the occasional errant golf shot. The Rattlesnakes is just one of several golfing groups available to the community for competition and camaraderie here in SunBird. This is the second successful golfing season for the weekly modified Stableford golf format currently on Tuesday (team competition) and Wednesday (individual competition) afternoons. Stableford is a format where points are assigned according to your stroke score for each hole. To become part of the fun you must have a current USGA index and a good attitude. You should also be willing to enjoy hotdogs and hamburgers occasionally on the newly opened Sunrise Court area in the SunBird Clubhouse facility.

Contact Bob Johns at 309 256-5301 or Gary Hall at 303 378-5576 for information about joining the Rattlesnakes.