Pro’s Corner

Jerry Lingen

When I retired as the Pro Shop Manager some six years ago, I did not think that I would ever have to meet the deadline and write a monthly report again. But, here I am.

As we head into March, the last of the very, very busy months, let’s look ahead at what is on the schedule. There is a Men’s Club Home & Home scheduled with Sunland Village East on March 8 and 9. On March 18, the Road Runners tournament is scheduled. It will be an 8:00 a.m. shotgun start. Details are available at the Pro-Shop. On Sunday, March 19, the Canadian Open will be held. The very popular Conley Cup is scheduled for a three-day session on March 24, 25 and 26. Tee times for the battle between USA and Canada will be around noon of each day.

Just an observation from January — the Founders Tournament was held on January 28. This tournament honors all the members of the SunBird Golf Club. Special honored guests this year were five of the seven original founders of the SunBird Golf Club. The five in attendance were Lew Lepore, Cal Macpherson, Ray Bierowicz, Ken Karge and Earl Ferguson. Widows of the other two founders, Howard Mottet (Jo Mottet) and Otto Frank (Betty Frank), were also in attendance. A special thanks goes out to the two people who ran the tournament and did such an outstanding job — thanks, Gary Hall and Dave White.

Two shootouts are scheduled for March and early April. They will be couples shootouts. The Net Shootout is scheduled for Sunday, March 5, and the Gross Shootout is scheduled for Sunday, April 2. Oualifying for the shootouts will be posted on the bulletin boards.

It was nice being with you again. Have a great March.