Property condition


ACC Committee

This summer’s monsoon season has been very active. The recent rains have resulted in a major weed problem here in SunBird. Soon, the weather will be cooling down, and it’s a great time to spruce up your property. Have you checked your property for weeds? Does your house/trim need a fresh coat of paint? Is your place tidy, or do you have a lot of clutter? Does your landscaping add beauty and value to your property, or is it making your place look tired and unkempt? Homes that are in disrepair decrease property values, and your neighbors’ as well.

Let’s keep SunBird home values appreciating by being good stewards of our property. Keeping up appearances definitely increase property values, while keeping prospective buyers eager to purchase property in our community.

Please keep in mind that if you’re planning to do any improvements to the outside of your property, almost everything will need an approved permit before any work can begin. If you have questions as to whether you’ll need a permit, please contact Bonnie at the SunBird Administrative Office  at 480-802-4901.