Property appearance in summer


Homeowners and Caretakers: My goodness, here it is March already. It soon will be time for a lot of our friends to be heading out to their summer homes. This is also the time we strongly suggest you contact a reliable caretaker to oversee your property while you are gone.

Property caretakers provide important upkeep for your investment. Mostly, they should provide routine weed and landscaping cleanups and other maintenance tasks. They should make rounds of the property on a regular basis and be on call for emergencies or other problems. They should be the eyes and ears of your property to alert you when problems arise. They also need to ensure that no trespassers are on the property.

Permits: SunBird is known for its beauty and well-kept appearance. Please note that if you are doing anything to the outside of your property, you will need a permit. If you have any questions, please contact Bonnie at the HOA Administrative office, 480-802-1490.

Lastly, please stop by the office before you leave to inform them of your departure date and the name and phone number of your caretaker. This will help in case any problems arise in your absence.