Project review committee reviews emergency procedures

J. Richard Vanderveen, Project Review Committee

Help! I’m in a wheelchair or cannot walk down the stairs; the elevator doesn’t work, there is a flood, fire or other disaster. What to do?

Can we use some special equipment like one of these electric chairs like the “easy climber” or the “escape chair” or the “escape mattress?”

Your Project Review Committee has reviewed the above materials and found that most of the items used required at least one other person to help or the device doesn’t work on outside staircases. What’s the best answer?

The Project Committee contacted the Chandler Fire Department. Tom DeWiggens, a spokesperson for the department, stated that because we are only five minutes away from the Fire Department equipment and personnel there is no need for special equipment at SunBird.

The first group of emergency personnel goes right to the staircases on all sides of the Clubhouse. Our best approach to safety is to get out on one of the balconies and wait to be rescued.