Pro Shop and Course Happenings

Laurie Moore, Pro Shop Manager

The 2020-21 golf season is upon us, and I am starting to get to know you! More new faces each day as our snowbirds begin to return to the desert.

We must all understand that SunBird Golf Club is semi-private—combining public and private elements. My goal is not to take anything away from our members and residents, but to allow us to grow and become financially sound as a club. The changes we are making are to preserve and improve the legacy of SunBird Golf Club, and we look to you for support.

I shared my vision for the Pro Shop last month as a one-stop shop for golf, pickleball, and other resort merchandise. We have a pickleball “corner” and will be adding a fall line of men’s and women’s clothing after overseeding. My vision for the Golf Club is for others to find what you already know—we are a “diamond in the rough in the East Valley.” My hope is we can partner and collaborate to move this club forward.

Stop in and check out the Pro Shop facelift after! Special thanks to Mike Tackett for donating his time and talent to paint!