Post Office Update

Jan Griffin, Manager

All first-class stamps are Forever. Individual stamps are 55 cents; a book/pane is $11.00. International first-class stamps are $1.20.

Check out savings by using Flat-Rate boxes, available at the SunBird Post Office.

March is here already, and for those winter visitors who are getting ready to head back home, be sure to come to the SunBird Post Office to complete your Change of Address card. This should be done a week to 10 days before your departure. We, in turn, will provide you with a form to be placed in your mailbox notifying your carrier of your departure date and your approximate return date in the fall.

Also, please notify the SunBird Homeowner’s Office of your summer address.

The SunBird Post Office hours are 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday and closed Saturday, Sunday, and holidays.

Our phone number is 480-802-6783.