Playing Golf With Your Significant Other

Laurie Moore, Golf Shop Manager

Golf is a great way to spend time with people you love and make memories that can last a lifetime. Not to mention, playing golf with your significant other can make traveling fun, as you can play awesome courses around the world.

But if you have ever tried to teach anyone how to play golf, you know how difficult it can be at times. When it is your significant other, the difficulty can increase dramatically! Luckily, it is very doable if you have the right approach.

The first thing about getting your significant other into golf is to make sure he/she wants to get into golf. Do not force them into a potentially frustrating, expensive, and time-consuming hobby. Otherwise, you might never get them into the best sport ever.

Here are some strategies to get your significant other into golf:

Make It Fun!

The first and most important rule is to make it fun! If you make it boring, tense, or complex, he/she is not going to have fun, and your golfing excursions will not last very long. If they are new to the game, start with things like the driving range, small clinics, or a private lesson.

Get Them Clubs and Gear

If you are serious about getting your significant other into the game, buy them a full set of their own clubs. You can buy a full set through the Golf Shop very inexpensively. You want to make sure the clubs are forgiving and easy to use. And buy a new outfit or two.

Golfing with your significant other should be a lot of fun. Make sure you use these tips so you can keep golf casual, non-competitive, and a great activity to do together. This way, you can play when you travel together but still have plenty of time for your own rounds.

Remember, stay away from enlisting as their swing coach, because the last thing you want is golf getting in the way of your relationship. Remember to have fun!