Pickle for Purple Charity Tournament February 9-10

The SunBird Pickleball Club is having fun on the courts. Come out and join us when you can! If you need a schedule or contact information, head on up to the glass case across from the post office. New Player Orientation happens by sign-up only. Feel free to sign up in the glass case. We will contact you to set up a session outside of open play.

We are hosting our second annual Pickle for Purple Charity Tournament on February 9 and 10 to raise money to find the First Survivor of this devastating disease. The raffle prizes are rolling in. Many players are signed up to play in Open Men, Open Women and Mixed Doubles. An exhibition match is being planned by pickleball professionals Doug Kelton and Helle Sparre. Come out to watch the Pros! (The tournament schedule and exhibition match will be posted in the glass case, too.)

Come down and buy a raffle ticket and cheer on your favorite player.

Look for other special events that the Pickleball Club is hosting, such as the First Annual ALS tribute to Jeff Andrews and the Year-End Event in the glass case.

Dink on, friends!