Patrol Report

Thomas Catri

During my years of conducting proactive crime prevention patrols in some very big parking lots, one of the biggest challenges for security is dealing with solicitation activity. During my time doing HOA community patrols, I have had to occasionally deal with uninvited strangers who find a way to gain access into a community with the intent to solicit. What really concerns me though, is that seniors are often targets of scams and solicitors. It’s part of an ongoing problem with scammers and solicitors victimizing older Americans.

Solicitation basically means to ask (someone) pressingly and persistently for or to do something. Soliciting/solicitation is not allowed in SunBird. We have signs posted that say no soliciting, but solicitors don’t obey them. SunBird Patrol is sometimes called by our residents to respond to and to put a stop to all solicitation type activities. Strangers roaming around throughout a neighborhood can be unsettling and the concern of many is the safety issues that arise when strangers are in the community. Many will assume that it’s somebody that’s good, but we don’t know for sure. I would strongly advise our residents not to let strangers into their homes, no matter what the pretense is. Regardless of whether they’re there for bad intentions or even good intentions, unfortunately, these days we live in a world where we can’t know the difference. From my past experience, it would be my advice to all SunBird residents not to let a person into their home that they did not invite to be there or that they did not know! So, if there’s a knock at your door or the doorbell rings, nobody says you have to open the door or even go to the door. Home is where an older adult should feel the safest!

Homeowner Identification Cards

They should be carried at all times and upon request, please be proud to present them when asked to do so to verify the person’s entitlement to use the facilities. Please do your part to ensure that only property owners, residents and bona fide guests are using our facilities.

Important Phone Numbers

SunBird Patrol can be reached two ways. If you would like to let us know that you have a visitor, guest or a contractor scheduled to visit you, call 480-219-0350. If you need the roving patrol for assistance or to report a problem call 480-797-8605.