Patrol Report

Thomas Catri

It has been a very interesting first month on the job. During that time, I have been able to meet more of our residents, talk to the Board of Directors and our Rules Compliance Committee to answer some of their questions and to find out what is a matter of interest or importance to them. Communication is very important to me. An open climate of communication will remain viable and credible, only if I listen and respond.

I know everyone has high expectations for the Patrol team. Increased patrols and serving our homeowners will only help our Patrol staff to become a highly visible, customer service-friendly force in the community. I also ask for everyone’s help to achieve my goals and work as a team to protect our active adult lifestyle community and also to enhance our community’s value. The best crime prevention tool is a good neighbor and joint efforts are more effective than individual ones!

While on recent patrol, my patrol officers and I have noticed many bicycles that are poorly secured or not secured at all. Most bikes that are stolen are taken from the owner’s property. Bike theft is bad news! Please keep your bikes out of sight as best you can.

Just a friendly reminder – cars, trucks, bikes and golf carts complete stops at stop signs are necessary. In SunBird, no one ever intends to cause harm to another, but your choice to roll through that stop sign could lead to an accident with personal injuries.

In reference to the monthly Patrol reports, there were some questions about all of the denied entries that our patrol officers working at the guard shack are documenting. What occurs at the gate on a daily basis is that many vehicles, visitors or contractors miss their intended target or community. Those vehicles, some with GPA devices, takes them to our gate, while others have some difficulties finding their real destination which is usually either Springfield or Copper Commons. Those vehicles turned away are marked down as denied entry.

Patrol May 2015 Report:

Traffic Violations 17

Parking Overnight 1

Recreation Vehicle Parking 6

Failure to Stop at Sign 5

Obnoxious Behavior 1

Violating Rules 1

Soliciting 1

Garage Door Left Open 12

Well Check 10

Homeowner/Guest Assistance 29

Gate Malfunction 2

Denied Entry 34