Patrol report

Thomas Catri

Hello, my name is Thomas Catri. I have just been hired as the new Chief of Patrol here at SunBird Golf Resort.

I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and to say hello to all who live and work in our beautiful community. I have been working for the Patrol for the past three years, working at the guard shack and patrolling the community. I have also worked at IronOaks of Sun Lakes, doing the same thing. I currently reside in Cottonwood/Palo Verde at Sun Lakes.

I have about 16 years of experience working hard and enjoying work in the private property, retail security type of environment and doing homeowners’ association patrol and surveillance. I have also supervised patrol officers during my professional occupation.

I am excited and looking forward now, having the opportunity to work in a dynamic and supportive team environment, assisting and providing service to our residents, customers and to all who stop in to visit.

If I can be of any service at any moment please feel free to contact me!

All the best!

Patrol April 2015 Report:

Vehicle Parking Violations 3

Golf Cart Parking Violations 0

Recreational Vehicles Parking 3

Hours Using Speed Radar Gun 1

Vehicles Complying w/Limit 42

Vehicles Exceeding Speed Limit 2

Failure to Stop at Sign 1

Unleashed Dog/Cat Reports 8

Abusing Facilities 0

Unauthorized Visitor 0

Obnoxious Behavior 2

Violating Rules 6

Suspicious Persons 1

Suspicious Vehicles 1

Soliciting 2

Garage Doors Left Open 18

Theft Reports 0

Well Check 2

Alarm Response 0

Fire/Medical Assistance 0

Homeowner/Guests Assistance 87

Denied Entry 80