Patrol Report

Chief Catri

Some interesting facts to know about Automated Gate Systems. Gated community housing is a desirable security amenity in America. Gates and walls provide the perception of security, safety, and privacy. It’s like living in a private club with restricted access. Residents love those gates,  but they can be a pain for management to maintain.

Keep in mind though, being a gated community with cameras and even a manned gate, we are not immune from reality. SunBird is a limited-access community. We have a few amenities that are open to the public, and an assortment of workers come and go daily, along with deliveries, pickups, and other needed services for our many community residents. Tailgating is the practice of following an authorized resident vehicle into a gated community before the gate closes. It is also the cause of some of the damage to the gate systems. Do gates reduce crime? This is the most common question that is asked. The answer is always a qualified yes. Walls and working gates definitely reduce unauthorized foot and vehicle traffic. Many criminals will bypass a gated community for one that is not gated simply because of the restricted access.

As mentioned earlier about the automated gates, they can be a pain for management to maintain. Sometimes our gates just break down. They just don’t want to work anymore. They’re machines that will sometimes malfunction. When our gates are not operating, we cannot simply just close the gates and place cones in the street or a sign stating that the gate is out of order. When they are not operating, the City of Chandler Fire Department requires that the gates be left in the open position for emergency vehicles until repaired. Minor repairs to the gates are normally fixed the same day, and major repairs can take longer, even days, because special parts must be ordered or the fire department must do an onsite inspection before returning the gates to their normal operation. Repairing our gates as quickly as possible to resume normal traffic arrival and departure is our priority.

Driving a golf cart: What better way to travel through our community than in your own golf cart. It’s been a busy start to the new year, and the Patrol occasionally will notice underage individuals operating golf carts. In the state of Arizona, only licensed drivers can operate a golf cart. AZ State Statute 28-3511 states that driving without a driver’s license, a ticket can be issued for permitting an unauthorized person to drive. With the increase in visitors and residents driving throughout the community, we run the increased risk of someone getting hurt. Please remember to operate your golf cart in a safe manner. Observe all posted traffic signs in SunBird and be courteous with other vehicles and, above all, enjoy the beautiful weather and our community.

Overnight parking: Because we’re experiencing another busy season, we would really appreciate your help. As a homeowner or renter, it is your responsibility to let your guest, visitor, or family member know that if they are parked on the street, we have overnight parking restrictions. SunBird’s overnight parking restriction is from midnight to 0600 hours, seven days a week. If the Patrol locates a vehicle parked on the street during those hours without either a guest pass or parking permit properly displayed inside the vehicle, a courtesy notice up to a fine may be issued. Please call 480-797-8605 or visit the office with any questions or concerns.