Patrol Report

Thomas Catri

Did you know that the two pools within the SunBird community shall adhere to the following Maricopa County standards for having food and beverage at the pools:

* No drink of any kind or food shall be allowed in any pool water area or within the walkways around the pool water or within four feet of the pool water edge.

* Food and drink are allowed if paper or plastic are only used.

* Absolutely no glass is permitted within the pool area.

There is a working list of pool rules posted to ensure everyone’s health and safety. Please follow all swimming rules.

Scams may come through phone calls from real people, robocalls, text messages, email, and the Internet. Types of scams include telephone, banking, charity, tickets, lottery and sweepstakes, investment, and others. Remember, don’t give in to pressure to take immediate action. Don’t provide your credit card number, bank information, or other personal information. Don’t send money if the caller asks you to wire money or pay with a prepaid debit card. If you spot a scam, you can notify the Federal Trade Commission online or via phone at
1-877-382-4357. Your reports will help the FTC and law enforcement investigate scams and bring crooks to justice.