Patrol Report

Thomas Catri

The SunBird Patrol is a group of individuals authorized by the SunBird HOA to enforce the rules and regulations, the architectural control committee (ACC) guidelines and help ensure compliance with the conditions and restrictions set forth in the covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs) within the community’s premises. We patrol the private streets within the community to prevent crimes, quell disturbances and maintain civic harmony.

We also answer phone calls from our residents who need some assistance at their house to perform a simple task. We can help someone who is disabled, conduct a welfare check on a resident whose friends or family are worried about them, stop by your house to investigate your neighbor’s dog barking, remove those pesky solicitors from the community who try to take advantage of our residents, inspect unoccupied homes for irrigation leaks and perform many other customer service, helping-hand functions.

The SunBird Patrol strives to make a vigorous effort towards deterring and preventing crimes. Our patrols serve a variety of purposes, all with the underlying objective of keeping the community safe and crime-free. Our patrol vehicle is a marked unit, so flag us down if you need help, or call us at 480-797-8605.