Patrol Report

Thomas Catri

Want to know more about what’s going on in SunBird and the other communities around you? Go to and sign up for crime alerts delivered via email, text and a multitude of other platforms. It provides nationwide crime information about burglaries (residential and vehicle), stolen vehicles, thefts, robberies, shootings, criminal damage and more. SpotCrime allows you to easily look up city and county crime data and reports, including local neighborhoods. All of this is done on a Google map.

Home smoke alarm maintenance: Remember to test your smoke alarm batteries at least once a month, and it’s a good idea to replace all smoke detectors every 10 years. For additional information about types of residential smoke alarms, installing and maintaining them, please go to the National Fire Protection Association website at

Smoke alarm safety checks: The Chandler Fire Department Smoke Alarm Program has a group of trained volunteers to help ensure that there are working smoke alarms in every Chandler home. Services provided include testing your smoke alarms and batteries, installing battery-operated smoke alarms purchased by the homeowner and providing free smoke alarms to qualifying individuals or families in need. Please be advised, they will not do any wiring or electrical work, such as installing hardwired-type alarms. For additional information or to make an appointment, please call 480-782-2160.

Your dog is barking and disturbing your neighbors. What now? The best way to ensure success in the effort to curb inappropriate barking is to have the support of your neighbors. If someone comes to you with a barking dog complaint, show that you are taking complaints seriously and want to solve the problem. If you are rude, contradictory or in denial when a neighbor contacts you about your dog, their next complaint will be to the SunBird Patrol or the Chandler Police Department. Please be open and receptive, and remember that inappropriate barking usually occurs when the owner is not home. You really have no idea what’s going on when you are gone.

A good neighbor is friendly and considerate. Though good neighbors may live close, they respect your space and privacy. Good neighbors wave at you and may stop to pet your dog and chat. They would also be respectful by not having music or anything else too loud.

Important reminders: To park on the street overnight, which is from midnight to 6:00 a.m. (seven days a week) you will need either a SunBird guest pass displayed visibly on the dashboard of the guest vehicle parked overnight in the street or a parking permit. Please refer to the SunBird Golf Resort Rules and Regulations manual Article 11 – Traffic Regulations  – for further instructions.

When you happen to have a first-time guest, visitor or contractor scheduled to come to SunBird, please instruct him or her to report to the main gate guardhouse located at Riggs Road and Championship Drive. Too often, people are following instructions from their navigation system (GPS), taking them to other gates that are not accessible to them. This causes confusion, which may trigger the driver to enter the gate incorrectly and cause damage to our gates or their vehicle.