Patrol Report


Thomas Catri

In an effort to increase community safety, the SunBird Patrol will be working in partnership with the Rules Compliance Committee to support the Board of Directors’ 2019 goal of improving safety, with an emphasis on enhancing the quality of life in SunBird.

We continue to receive reports of homeowners, quests, visitors and contractors not coming to a complete stop at stop signs and failing to obey posted speed limit signs. Road traffic control devices are used to promote orderly movement of vehicles and improve safety. They must be understood and obeyed in order to prevent accidents. Anyone operating a motor vehicle, golf cart and even cyclists are obligated to obey all State of Arizona vehicle traffic laws and SunBird traffic rules while within the boundaries of the HOA. This means that you are not exempt or free from this obligation because you live in or visit our private gated community with private streets.

It’s important to make traffic enforcement a high priority. In part, it’s what the public wants. The SunBird Patrol will target known speeding areas and intersections that receive the most complaints. The Patrol has the authority to issue a warning for a first offense. Subsequent violations will result in a series of monetary penalties. A new safety emphasis should make our community a safer place for those behind the wheel, as well as those on foot or two wheels. SunBird is a wonderful community with beautiful views, lovely weather, fun activities and exceptional neighbors. It is very important to consider the consequences of causing property damage or physical injury to your friends and neighbors. The last thing that the Patrol wants to do is to call someone to report that you were involved and injured in an accident that could have been avoided.

As required under Article 11 – Traffic Regulations, Section 3 – Vehicle and Golf Cart Registration. In an effort to identify all vehicles, including golf carts, within SunBird, all vehicles and golf carts of SunBird owners must display a SunBird identification decal on them. Registration is done through the HOA office. A decal for the windshield will be issued to designate registration. Thank you in advance for your cooperation with this important matter!