Patrol Report


Thomas Catri

A Homeowners Association is a home and community. When you chose to be a member, you agreed to some unique obligations to the community and to other residents within it. Here are a few of your commitments to the Homeowners Association.

Read and comply with the community’s governing documents: You should have received a package of documents before you closed escrow on your home or just prior to signing a rental agreement. If you haven’t, check the SunBird Golf Resort’s website, or you can stop in at the office. It’s important to understand what’s included in them, such as rules about parking, road rules within a gated community, pets, your home’s exterior maintenance and other architectural guidelines.

Treat Association leaders and employees honestly and respectfully: Homeowners, tenants, guests and visitors are expected to display community common courtesy and respect towards employees of the Homeowners Association. Board members are homeowners just like you. They have volunteered to give their time and energy freely to govern the community. It’s important to share your concerns about the community with them, but do so in a way that is constructive, informative and helpful.

Ensure that tenants, visiting family, guests and visitors adhere to all rules and regulations: If you’re leasing your home, you’re liable for maintaining the condition of the home. You’re also liable for the behavior of those who live in it. Screen tenants thoroughly and familiarize them with the community’s rules. Remember also that if your tenant, guest or children break the rules of the Homeowners Association, you are responsible.

Use these obligations for yourself or to send to members in your community to encourage a peaceful and proactive association.